Lost scores due to getting logged out mid-round

While I’ve run into random minor UI glitches in UDisc, this is the first data loss bug I’ve encountered.

Steps to repro:

  1. UDisc 18.3.4 (9276) on Android
  2. Start round and score a few holes
  3. Mysteriously get logged out of UDisc without ever leaving the round scoring part of the app. I can only assume something happened on the server since I’ve never had to log into my UDisc account app after the initial login more than a year ago. Granted this step is hard to repro without access to server-side session invalidation, but perhaps logging out of the app manually would simulate it well enough?
  4. Continue scoring round and see cryptically phrased pop-up message with a red background appear for a few seconds at the bottom of the screen saying you don’t have authorization to update the scoreboard. Scoring continues to look fine on the phone despite the warning message appearing intermittently. There’s nothing clearly saying the user is logged out or an option to log back in.
  5. Complete round. UDisc then brings up the login page.
  6. Login
  7. Look at completed round. All hole scores since the appearance of the warning in #4 above will be blank. In my case, I lost 20 holes for 3 pairs of players so impossible to rescore 60 holes from memory. If I’d been smarter, I’d have taken a screenshot upon round completion.

Expected behavior:

  1. The first time it’s detected a user is logged out the login dialog should appear rather than allowing the user to have a false sense of security that things will turn out alright.
  2. Once logged in - DON’T LOSE SCORES ON THE PHONE! They should be merged with whatever is stored on the server.
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I’m not dev, and I don’t know how is running UDisc… But I don’t think it’s server-side, because yesterday I’ve played in another country without being connected to internet, and it has stored datas on the phone.
May be different if you are connected from the beginning ? Not sure, it has already happened to have internet down when playing, and scores looks like stored too in a cache on the phone, the internet drop hasn’t blocked us to play and write the scores.

Humm may be the fact the app has been logged out from the account (locally, the cookie has been deleted, the one you caught when you logged in ?), the app ha deleted the datas stored in cache (scoreboard).
To reproduce it, I think you only have to log out while playing, and nothing else.

Your app may have had a bug… Which, one, why…? Datas corrupted, or cache deleted by this ?
Good luck :wink:

Thanks Petrus, but the issue appears a bit challenging to repro purely clientside. I tried the following, neither of which was a trepro.

  1. Start round, score a few holes, log out of UDisc app. This resets the app completely so there’s no way to even continue scoring the round. The in-progress round returns when I log back in.
  2. Start round, score a few holes, turn on airplane mode, score some holes. UDisc handles this correctly by displaying a red error message describing how syncing will occur once back online near the top of the screen. This is not the error message I saw, which was at the bottom of the screen.

Not sure what else I can do to diagnose the issue. It seems my phone app entered some sort of purgatory where I wasn’t logged out, but the server didn’t recognize me anymore. I’ve scored ~150 rounds and have never seen the issue I described in my bug report above so I’m not too worried about it recurring. If it does, I’ll immediately log out and log back in.