Lost toggle for discs you have lost

It would be great to have a lost disks toggle like the bag button where you can keep a disc in your account but mark it as lost, and if it happens to return to you you can un lose it without losing its stats or having to reinput the data again.


I love this. I also have discs that I’ve retired from my bag that I dont need showing up in my entire list when I’m measuring a throw. A simple toggle of ‘show active’ would make it functional to retrieve from the full list if needed - but 99% of the time I only want to see the 25 in my bag when I’m measuring a throw.

There is already an “in the bag” toggle…

True but a show active could allow you to retire or lose a disk which would hide it from the Baggable list

That doesn’t alter the list you see when you measure a throw though. I still have my entire list there.

You’re right, I hadn’t realized. Maybe we can get the “in the bag” filter to work for practice modes?

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Hi there! Loving all this conversation and brainstorming of how we can make the best use of the Discs and In the Bag functions. We don’t have projects currently on the roadmap that are touching this area of the App be we really appreciate all of the feedback and will be sure to document it for future possibilities! Thank you all so much for contributing. Best, Team UDisc