Making a League TD's life easier

Just finished up our club’s Fall League final. While I appreciate all that UDisc brings to the table, there are a few things that would have made my life MUCH easier.
And since I’m guessing these won’t be available right away, I will start with an ‘easy’ one. (disclaimer, I know very little of some of the programming behind what I’m asking, so if I am completely out to lunch, just let me know)

  1. Access to UDisc API information. -Since most of these features seem to be a way off, if there was a way to have UDisc scores auto-magically updated in my spreadsheet, most of my headaches would go away. But since it seems only a web scraper can glean some of the info, it makes weekly league scoring updates cumbersome, very time-consuming, and is beyond my coding ability. I hired a guy to help with the code, but even he got a bit stuck. We have been exporting the final UDisc score sheet and importing it into Excel, but that just takes so long and is awkward on the course when people are waiting around for the final round score.
  2. Add Tags to League- this would be my number one request. I have a custom Excel sheet that sorts the tags as people sign in via my web form, and then when I export the UDisc scoring sheet, copy all the info into my sheet, my sheet can then sort the tags with players’ scores. But again, having it all in one place would be so much easier.
  3. Custom Scoring- I see others have made this request as well, so add my name to the list. We give extra points for CTP, Aces, and visiting the pub that sponsors our league. while I doubt we can figure that all out via programming, (what could be so hard about enabling a GPS check-in to get extra league points!?! \Sarcasm) I’m just asking for a simple way to add or subtract points on the admin level, along with a few options to pre-program the scoring, like they already have in DG Scene.
  4. Tee pad assignments for leagues- we can do it in events, so why not leagues?
  5. Match play scoring-I wanted our final to be match play, but I also wanted to score it UDisc. I’m also wanting to start a match play league, but don’t feel that’s possible until UDisc can enable that feature.

Again, thank you for all you do. UDisc really does make our lives easier, but these few quality-of-life upgrades would mean the world to me.
All the best,


Thanks for the feedback. We plan to continue improving the Leagues product. Our main focus though right now (mentioned here: What's new on UDisc Events? - #3 by smerchek) is to unify Events and Leagues platforms so that League Events can operate as they always have or they can also opt-in to advanced Event features like pools, multiple rounds, and assigning cards. So #4 will be in the works for you at least.

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well that’s a start! thanks for the reply and I’m looking forward to seeing you guys grow and continue to take over the DG world!

Hey one more request, what about being able to export the league standings into a .csv file? That way I can change the scores in my sheet, without having to add everyone’s scores together manually.
Just a thought, thank you!

Plus one for tag support. That would make the checkin and out process WAAAYYYY EASIER!!! Right now people have to wait for us to import to Excel, sort, and then figure out cash prizes for side action. Removing tag order from that equation would be great, and I know it is highly requested.

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