Making Event Cards (w/ DGS registration)

Hey, first time tournament runner here, and I’ve got a question about features to group people into cards. I did registration on Disc Golf Scene, and the event is now sold out. I want to use UDisc for scoring, and so I have the event set up in UDisc as well.

But now I’m kinda torn on what the next best step is. This is an unsanctioned run event with some run rules. But I want to go ahead and make the player cards to send out to everyone.

It doesn’t look like there’s any way to do that on DGS (I have a support request in there). I can make cards on UDisc on the event, but only by manually adding every one who was registered by hand, and everyone would have to have a UDisc account ahead of time (which some may not right now … and I was OK with the idea of some groups just keeping score for guests, as it were, as long as 1 person on each card had Udisc)

So is there any way for me to make a public “here is everyone’s card and who they are playing with?” on either DGS or UDisc in this situation? Or do I just need to download the registration CSV and do it all in Google Sheets myself.

… Separate topic, will there be any issues with having no-one ‘registered’ for the event on UDisc itself? Or will everyone be able to check in to the event like league events work/etc. I don’t want to have any hiccups on the day of if suddenly people can’t join the event and manually make their own cards, etc.

Hey Eli! Thanks for posting here. Great questions. First and foremost, everyone that plays in a UDisc event must have a free UDisc account. They can create one at Sign up | UDisc.

Unlike Leagues, TDs need to add players or turn on registration to enable players to register themselves. Players can’t ‘check-in’ the day of the your event.

You can build cards within your UDisc event once players have been added. Some TDs that used DGS for registration have added an additional registration field where players input their UDisc username. You can also add this field retroactively and have people update their registration. Another option would be to either enable player registration on your UDisc Event (players would register themselves) OR manually add players, as you mentioned.

TLDR; players needed to be added, rounds created, and cards built in order to use UDisc event scoring :slight_smile: Below are a few resources that might be helpful:

Hey @jenn – Thanks for your response earlier. I decided to go ahead and enter everyone via the email/pdga (and only had a handful that didn’t come up that I’m reaching out to). So that’s good.

But I ran into another issue I’m hoping you can help with. I wanted to go ahead and add the waitlisted people as well (partially to make sure that I could find their account) … and I saw UDisc supported moving people to the waitlist.

But it’s not working / I don’t know what to do. So when I first tried moving some people to the waitlist, it said I couldn’t because registration was still open. Weird, feel like I should be allowed to do it anyway. But so be it. So I went ahead and updated the event on UDisc to claim that registration was closed (Event is full anyway, and actual registration on DGS is open). And now if I try to move someone to the waitlist. I get an error to the effect of: “USER cannot be moved onto the waitlist because the MA3 division is still joinable.”

So what do I need to do in order to be able to actually move someone to the waitlist. I told UDisc that registration was closed. What else do I need to do so that it will let me move some of the people onto the waitlist?

Hi @eliwhite ,

Sorry you were running into this! Are you still experiencing this? I just checked your event that’s set to happen on 12/3/23 and it looks like there are no participants waitlisted. If you’re still running into trouble, please email as at and we can get you set-up.