Making the basket symbol a different color on the map for newly added courses

I would love to see the basket icon on newly added courses on the map be a different color than black. Maybe there’s a way for newly added courses to remain whatever different color is chosen for a six month or one year period of time so those courses are easier to find when pulling up the map. Unless you’re constantly checking the map and clicking on every basket icon to make sure you’ve played each course you might miss a newly installed course. People love playing new courses and new courses need love too. Just a thought.


Good idea. I have also had players mention that marking favorite played courses green and disliked courses red would be a nice feature.

Heck, highlighting a relevant course for easy locating from the map would be nice too!

Maybe make each course under a year old a special icon?


I love these ideas! It would also be great to look at the general map of courses and see the ones you’ve already played as a different color!


I like this!, and another color for courses on your wishlist!