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Can’t check in playing leagues doesn’t have a place to check in box at top of page to check score but no place to check in tried everything

You need upgrade your app to be on version 19.3 or higher, in order to check in to the new version of leagues.

If you are unable to do that, anyone else in the event or on your card that has the latest version can check you in on your behalf.

I don’t have a cellphone but have always checked in for leagues using before leaving my house. I can no longer seem to do this as I can’t find an option to “add player” anywhere. Is there any way for me to check in from home without having to ask someone at the league to do it?

Hey @jasonallen, thanks for posting here! Unfortunately there is no way to check in to a league event anywhere outside of the app. If a TD has pre-registration enabled, you could register, but otherwise you won’t have that ability.

Fortunately though, it is very simple for any other player to check you in before adding you to their scorecard.