New Event for Scoring

I created a New Event and custom Divisions for a Bag Tag Event. Was successful and approved. This is all awesome and and have a successful registration.

My question is how to associate the SmartLayout we will be utilizing for the Event. In the Leagues UI it is straightforward to assign the SmartLayout to the League, and allows you to adjust for week to week play. But on the Event I do not see how to assign the layout.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Some info in this other thread: UDisc Events Registration & Scoring Release and Events FAQs 🎉

Hey Matt and Matt, :wink:

You can associate the course and layout to be played when creating your rounds. If you have any trouble doing so, don’t hesitate to let us know. :smiley:

I am only seeing the ability to associate the course. Which I have successfully completed. I am not seeing a way to associate the Smart Layout we will play.

Thanks for the help.


Hey Matthew,

You have to go to the Rounds tab and add a round. When creating your round, under course, you will see the option to add a layout. If you don’t see it there, let me know. If you could reach out to with a screenshot of what you are seeing, that would be helpful.

AWESOME…that was the missing piece!



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