Not seeing complete hole history when scoring a round

Not sure if this is a bug or just user error on my part.
According to the UDisc app, I’ve played my local course 63 times, but when I look at the score card to check and see how I’ve scored on any particular hole (near the “Best” and “Avg.” stats) I only see 31 scores. In this case I have 8 birdies and 23 pars on hole #1. When I go into the course overview and “My Course Stats” I can see my complete history of 11 birdies, 47 pars, and small orange-ish band which I’m assuming would be 5 bogeys. So, I know the stats are there in UDisc, but why am I not seeing my full history when I’m scoring a live round? I’ve checked the settings and I can’t find a toggle switch that looks like it might fix my issue.

I’ve noticed this myself, I presume that it is set to most recent performance.

I’ve several years of performance and what I was scoring in 2016 is of little relevance to me now, so maybe that’s why? Or maybe if I’d easier for the app to process? For example I’ve scored >1000 rounds at my local course, so a complete history is possibly more resource heavy than a recent sample. I’m only guessing, but I don’t think it is necessarily a bug.

Hey Tom, thanks for asking your question here! The stats available in a live scorecard will only show the times you’ve played that path since that layout was converted to a Smart Layout. Any stats from before it was a Smart Layout aren’t included on that screen. But as you said, you can still locate that information from your Course Stats page.


Thank you very much for your response and it makes sense. I appreciate you taking the time. Have a great day!

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