Odd behavior with reported wind on scorecards

I played a bunch of 9 hole speed rounds this morning/afternoon, and I noticed that the wind reported on my scorecards was all over the place. It was one of the calmer days I can remember, but my scorecards bounced back and forth between accurate values (0-4 mph) and 25 mph. Here are the values and round start times:

10:46: 4 mph
11:03: 2 mph
11:21: 25 mph
11:41: 0 mph
12:01: 25 mph
12:18: 25 mph
12:41: 3 mph
12:59: 3 mph
13:15: 25 mph
13:34: 25 mph
13:50: 25 mph

Wind is really subject to local variations anyway, so I don’t put a ton of stock in the values listed. But in this case, it seems like something might actually be buggy.