Open Card for Home Courses

It would be nice to be able to use a blank card for Home Course that are not on UDisc, nor want to be. Any chance for a generic card?

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Hey Kerry! Great question. You can create a Custom Card that is not associated with any course. To do so, head to Rounds then select Create Scorecard and choose Custom in the top menu. Doing so allows you to track scores for a course not in the directory.

You can achieve this in any scorecard, but within the scorecard you can also add notes to help you remember what course you played. When in the scorecard tap Scorecard Menu (3 stacked lines), then Scorecard Notes. This can be a fun way to record this round and all it entailed!


That’s great, thanks for the speedy reply! Is there a way to do that with in a League event? Our League wants to play a round on a course that is not on Udisc. I know we assign a course with the League event, so it seems like it wouldn’t be possible. My idea was to just use a different course and just keep score on that. IF that makes any sense…

Hey Kerry, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner! No, there is currently no way to create a League that is not associated with a course. The main reason here being that Leagues are linked to the course calendar. If a League is created that is not associated with a course, it would make it quite tricky for someone to find that League! How would they search for the League? How would they know where to meet?

I’d suggest submitting the course to UDisc if it’s not already in the directory! Is the course public? Please make sure sure to check-out our Course Directory tips here: Add New Course to UDisc’s directory

Feel free to reach out at us at if you need any help submitting this course or setting up a new League!