Option to disable GPS map for private courses

Could it be possible to have a setting to disable the GPS map for private course owners that would like to share their course listing with the public and on the course directory map but don’t want a map of their property to be available to the public. My thought is the smart layout and map features could still be available to the owner/course ambassador but the public view would only get access to the scorecard (Hole #, Distance, and Par) info for the layouts? I currently have my course set to invite only and hide location because of this which means no one can randomly find out about my course and request an invite to play. I’d like to share so other can find out about my course but don’t want to overshare.

I’m confused. If they know you have a course, then they can always look on Google or Apple Maps to find satellite imagery, without UDisc.

And if your course is so hidden that no one knows you have a course, then how would they know to look at the satellite image in UDisc?

Hi Daniel, currently the way you have your course set up is the only way to hide the location of it. If you want to have it shown publicly in an way, location data is required. I will be sure though to pass along this feedback!

It’s mostly a make it harder for someone to do the wrong thing. If they don’t know about the course there is no way for the general public to find it with out someone telling them about it. A course could be listed with a general address like the center of town it’s located in so if someone pulls up the google maps they don’t get an exact address of the owner’s location. It could still be displayed on the course directory map by the town address and the general public could find it. Being set to invite only they would need to contact the owner for address info and to schedule a tee time. The course smart layout map could be disabled for the public so again they don’t get a map to the property but the owner could use that tool to produce the scorecard info to be used by those playing the course. The current option is to not use any of the smart layout/map tools so that no map is generated or to have your course hidden so no general public players can find it.

I understand how currently things are built around the smart layouts which is why I have my personal course set to invite only and hidden. I’d like to be able to share the course with the general public but am not comfortable with the current level of info that would be shared if made public as I have used the smart layouts to set up the course listing.

Ok, I really appreciate the need to protect privacy especially on the internet. So I’m interested in your request.

If I understand right:

  • List course in centre of town
  • Player requests invite
  • Owner shares address
  • They use a scorecard that allows stats and smart features but hides map from player

I guess they could just open up any other online satellite maps once they have your address. So I don’t get the point of hiding the map from the scorecard.

Anyway, the interesting bit would be the ability to publicly list invite only courses by associating them with a nearby geographical hub rather than the precise address. That would mean that anyone looking at a map of your property has more likely done so after revealing themselves by requesting an invite.

Ya the main idea is that there is a layer of effort needed to find the exact location, and the owners individual case by case giving of their address. The second part is there isn’t a way to have a scorecard/layout with hole details without a map (or at least that I am aware of) and the scorecards are active from any course page so even if the address isn’t listed and it’s invite only if they start a scorecard now they can see a map.

It’s not likely something that can be accomplished as it kind of goes against how things are set up as your mentioning. The simple answer is if you want to share your course publicly but not share a map of your property then don’t use the layouts and any of that functionality and then no maps to worry about.

Ahah, that’s the loophole that I hadn’t thought of! Thanks for bearing with me. And actually it makes a lot of sense to want the option to hide maps from scorecards especially when UDisc have said previously that they want to phase out the classic layouts.

I suppose a more sophisticated option would be that the invite process itself could be managed through the app. So that the player can only create the scorecard after an accepted invite notification from the owner.