Option to display (Custom)Target Type along with Target Position Name on scorecard/map

Our course has 4+ positions on each hole named A,B,C… only 2 of which are active with a “Gold” banded discatcher-type basket and a “Silver” mach3-type basket. The active positions require the target type to be specified but on the scorecard/hole map it only displays the position name. It would be REALLY nice to have the option to show the target type/custom type name too. For example, hole 1 Main Tee → Target A (Gold).

That would allow players to use visual reference to know which basket to throw to instead of having to look at tee sign/hole gps map to figure out what target A means, for example.

I understand this feature is probably not useful for a majority of courses, but since the target type metadata is already available (and required), it seems like it should be relatively “easy” to render it on scorecard/hole map labels. Or maybe that would cause problems for ui rendering on small phone screens…

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Hey @jaibee, thanks for contributing here!

Great suggestion and definitely see the value in this on courses that have multiple active baskets. We’ll keep this in mind for future updates! One area where the basket type is listed is if players tap the orange basket icon in the top right within a Smart Layout round. Once tapping into this space and hitting change target you’ll see the target position options along with the target type.

On a course like yours, this could be useful because someone may select the Main Gold layout but may decide to play a few of the basket positions from the Main Silver layout. Not exactly the display area you’re looking for on the main layout map, but another area where players could see this. This article has some more details about how players can change targets/tees within a scorecard - How do I use Smart Layouts to change the tee or target? : UDisc Support