Organizing Courses you have played into folders

Thank you for all that you do for Disc Golf. I love having this app.
A further improvement I would like to see is when you go Play-Scorecards-Courses. The courses come up in folders, one folder per course if you have played that course 2 or more times, automatically. That way if you have played a course multiple times (ie your home course) and you want to scroll down to see how you did on a certain course that is alphabetically later than your home course you only have to scroll over one folder instead of the 60 times you played that course, to get to the stats you are looking for.
Just a thought

Insert {rookie numbers meme}. There were a couple of folk on /r/discgolf who had scored 700+ rounds in a single year! :laughing:

Anyway, the work around in the meantime is that tapping the courses tab on that page will switch between alphabetical and reverse alphabetical, so you can skip that long scroll.

Maybe if they don’t do folders, they could display something simple like sub-headers that mark a change in course or year.

It’s nice knowing that the complete list is there, but I don’t use that page. Not sure what I would use it for. It’s too much raw data for me. IMO, going to the course listing and then looking at my hole averages or the graph of total scores over time for each layout is more useful