Planning to play a new courses and looking to see if local Dgolfers want to play

I traveled extensively the last three years playing a variety of courses in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. I love discovering and playing new courses. I enjoy competitions but because of my travel I do not get the opportunity to play leagues. I travel with my bag and use UDisc to find local courses. Being an old school disc’r I enjoy just playing with others that enjoy the game. I have many new friendships with people that I have played with. But it was playing courses by myself and playing up on folks that I even got to meet people.

UDisc has a function to place courses on a Wishlist. It would be nice if they expanded this function to include a contact local Disc Golfer’s that do not mind playing with others. Like my friend Troy in Angola Indiana. I loved playing with Troy and his friends, they are laid back bunch of guys, competitive but also supportive. I played that course a couple dozen times by myself before meeting Troy.

Function could work like this. UDisc could allow us Disc Golfers to select home courses and allows others to contact us to play. When I add a course to my wish list a contact local Disc Golfers button activates. The button could either supply me with a list of DGolfers associated to the course. Or send a message on my behalf.

Example: I would like to play French Creek or even one of the several courses in Lebanon, PA. None of these courses are close to where I live and would be a day adventure. It would be nice if I could ping local people to the course to see if they would like to play.

I can tell you UDisc is an awesome tool when looking for and playing new courses. But nothing beats playing a course with someone who knows the courses and likes to play.


Hi Ken, This is a really neat idea! Thank you for proposing it. While it isn’t something that we have available right now, it could be in the future. I’ll make sure to record it so we don’t lose track of it. Love that you are able to get out to new courses and meet local folks - I agree, it is so great to have someone local show you around a new to you course. Best, Team UDisc

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I just played my first round with some friends today after more than a month of trying to align our schedules. It was a blast, and I came here hoping to find a way to find others to play with. It would be a really nice function to have.

Hey Daniel, So glad you were able to connect with friends to play a round. I know it can be tricky to get the stars to align and schedules to match! We don’t have this available at this time, but perhaps in the future. Have a great weekend, Team UDisc