Public park Course ratings based on non player pedestrian traffic

I see alot of newer public park disc golf courses getting bad ratings solely based on pedestrian traffic on busy summer days and only based on that fact and nothing to do with actual course design or course difficulty. Its a public park with a disc golf course, when its summer time all parks are gonna be busier than usual with non players and pedestrians, why rate a course solely based on that 1 fact without taking everything into consideration,such as course design, layout,saftey,use of space, etc. That negative review and rating not only hurts the players but gives people that haven’t played that particular course misleading and inaccurate information about everything about that course. For all new courses it takes the surrounding community time to understand what disc golf is, how its played and where to picnic or hangout and where not too. Most have never heard or seen disc golf and dont know any better and put themselves in dangerous situations. Caution and danger signs should be placed throughout the course in English and Spanish. So instead of rating a course negatively based off that opinion alone , try educating the people who dont know what disc golf is and letting them know they are in the way or in danger and where they can sit or party or whatever to keep them safe and having fun enjoying whatever activity they are there for, so us disc golfers can enjoy what we came there for, so both the players and non players can both share the park while decreasing the chances of someone being seriously hurt because they lack the knowledge

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