Putting Leagues: preferences and feedback

While putting leagues are not currently supported, input about popular putting leagues and scoring formats can help inform potential future development efforts. Whether you’re a putting league director, participant, or just a disc golfer in need of some more practice putts…

  • Which scoring format(s) would you like to see supported in a UDisc Putting League resource?

  • What are some of the most popular putting leagues in your area?

  • Do your putting leagues integrate standings (a points system over time)?


We would love to have this feature! We survived last year on Google Forms + pivot tables in Sheets on the backend but I’m not looking forward to doing it again this year.

*Format: We are flexible on this but people generally like having multiple stations wherein you throw 5 times at each station (we can fit 7 stations in our facility).
**Each putt = 1 point. Occasionally, we may vary things to add pressure (a certain station is worth 2x or the last putt is worth 2, etc).
**We go through all of the stations a total of three times in the evening, re-grouping before the last round.
**The stations vary by length and various obstacles (e.g. pole in the way, basket on a table, etc)

*Our putting league is hosted by the Columbus Indiana Disc Golf Club for 8 weeks in Jan/Feb (I am one of the organizers)
**Last year, we averaged 37 a night with 52 unique attendees over the full duration

*Integrated standings are not that important as the layouts may change over time and not everyone can attend every week

Would be great to run this through UDisc. Currently we build brackets with the website Challonge.com

We play random draw partners in a “horse shoes” format. Baskets 27’ apart, 1 putt made is 1 point, 2 putts made is 3 points. Play to 15, win by 2.

Our bracket types depend on the amount of people that show up each week. If there is a low turnout, we play round robin where each team faces every team. winners determined by win/loss count. Points differential breaking ties.

More common is a standard double elimination bracket. Once again, win/loss record w/ ties being broken by points differential.

We don’t use any type of standings, just weekly payouts.

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In our league we give you so many attempts at each station. If you get a all attempts at a station you get an extra point.

Leaderboards are a must and should be added to our regular league with the ability to track handicaps.

The problem with putting leagues is that whatever you do for putting leagues you should roll into regular leagues and vice versa. League is so hard to do with udisc right now if you want to do handicaps or any kind of point systems for attendance or otherwise.

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Which scoring format(s) would you like to see supported in a UDisc Putting League resource?
Ability to set total putting stations, total attempts/throws per station and total rounds, bonus point capability

What are some of the most popular putting leagues in your area?
Merrimack Valley Putting League, Queen City Putting League

Do your putting leagues integrate standings (a points system over time)?
Yes, different divisions/pools, weekly and overall

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Really like the idea of a putting league. Seems like editable options should include:

Number of Players, Number of Rounds, Number of Stations, Number of Shots, Number of Points,

Leaderboard and playoffs would be cool

Maybe just replace the current putting practice and allow for one user with the putting league or competition. I have downloaded multiple apps because the UDisc version does not allow for customization. My backyard doesn’t allow for the distances, so it doesn’t work for me, but I would use it often with some tweaks.

Like @chadkeener (Putting Leagues: preferences and feedback - #3 by chadkeener), we use challonge. We use stations. Tournament style is double elimination. We do keep points for the season. 1 point to show up. 1 point for every win and 3 points if your team goes undefeated that day. Three divisions. Pro. AM and Junior.

We are able to connect out laptop to a TV and have a large screen showing the brackets, teams and stations. Thus, web interface would be required.

I would like to see the Marksman League format supported by UDisc again. We’ve continued using it since it ceased to be supported by UDisc. Regaining the national player data and rankings would be great.

We follow a five putts from five distances format in Edmonton. Three rounds through the whole setup. Using Google sheets to track scores, combining our local results with other clubs across the province. Some things that would help us is division tracking as we have five different groups. Setting up payout calculations based on weekly scores within divisions would also save us some work.