Question about fade?

Just trying to understand fade more…so here’s a scenario. If I throw a Destoyer disc with the numbers 12, 5, -1, 3 for example, and don’t have the arm strngth to get it up to 12 speed, will it fade even more than usual since I’m not getting it “up to speed”? Or less?

And if I take that same disc in a lighter weight, will it fade more or less than the same disc in a heavier version?

Lastly, woukd a disc like the Pig with 4,1, 0,3 fade more if it throw it medium strength, or if I throw it as hard as I can?


Because you are asking about throwing a 12 speed and do not have the arm strength, I suggest getting discs on the 7-8 speed range. I throw RHBH and mostly only drive the Leopard3 and TL3. I throw the Leopard3 for s-curve (and turn over shots) and TL3 for straight or slight turn shots. For fade I use the Firebird. I do not have a good forehand. Mostly only use forehand for utility and use the Firebird.

Practice, practice, practice, throwing them comfortably flat. Don’t be concerned about distance. Just go to an open field and practice throwing flat. Then throw with a slight hyzer and anhyzer to get straight, hyzer, and s-curve drives.

Throwing a 173-5 weight 12 speed with less arm strngth thrown flat will glide less, not turn, and fade more.

The same disc in lower weight thrown flat will have some glide resulting in less, but still fade. The same disc in lower weight and thrown on slight anhyzer will turn due to the release, come to flat, have some glide, and fade out.

The Pig (and any disc) will fade less with more strength.

Awesome stuff! Really appreciate that advice.