Questions: Reseeding Divisions


We use the standings feature for our league, and our league for the year is split into Spring and Summer. So 2 leagues in 1.

We are planning to use the standings for Spring to reorganize players by division. Say, top 20% of AM moved to Pro. I know there is not a way for us to do this automatically within the app, at least that I am aware of. We are going to notify the players that are moving up at the start of summer league that they now select Pro for their division moving forward.


  1. If a player switches divisions, does that have any impact on their point total? Since it is a voluntary selection when they check in, what if they switch divisions every week?

  2. As a TD, is it possible for us as admins to be able to set a players division so it cannot be changed by the player at checkin?

P.S. We would LOVE to let players enter their tag number at checkin. We do tags based on overall finish, divisions do not play into it at all if that helps. Also, I saw the updates and appreciate you guys always pushing forward.


Hey @wdsellers83,

Thanks for your thoughtful questions.

1 - " Points are awarded per division, where applicable. Points don’t carry or combine across divisions. For example, player A competes in the MPO division week 1 and receives 10 points. They compete in the MA1 division week 2 and receive 20 points. Player A would have 10 points in the MPO division, and 20 points in the MA1 division, their points would not combine."

2 - If someone signs up in the wrong division, you can edit the division for them from your league or event management tools.

With the rollout of the new and improved leagues platform, there will be a field for you as the admin to enter a tag number next to each player in the event management tools. You may not see it yet, but as soon as your league has been upgraded you’ll get an email letting you know, and then you’ll see the options shown in this article.

Let us know if we can help with anything else.

One small clarification to add here: standings points are calculated when the event is Completed. So, if you need to change any players’ divisions, then you should make those edits before completing the event.

If you don’t manually complete it, then events will be automatically completed at 8pm the day after the event ends. More information about completing an event, and admin actions that you can take after an event ends, can be found in this support article.