Ratings on UDisc

So how does a 200 point round get scaled on a PDGA rated round? I’m curious if there’s a scale.

I don’t think you can do 1:1 comparison like that. From a smallish sample size of my local courses, short technical courses produce lower ratings than you would expect based on the leaderboards. Also the ratings don’t factor in weather, so shooting -1 on a clear day with 0 mph wind will get you the same rating as shooting -1 in a hurricane. That said, they’re a useful metric, especially when playing a new course for the first time.

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UDisc Rating vs. PDGA Rating
I did a little study over lots of different weather and players with my league and came up with this. A couple other people have verified that it is reasonably accurate. Of course, hurricane winds are accounted for in a single PDGA tourney round, but not in UDisc averages.