Request: wishlist view and add/remove on website

When I’m planning to travel somewhere I’m often searching courses while at my computer and not on my phone… this works for me to initially find the courses that I want to play, but I’d love to be able to wishlist those courses that I plan to play along my road trip route.

So, it would be most excellent to have the wishlist features on the website. That would include a few functions:

  • The ability to view your wishlisted courses on the courses search view (the list of courses with the map).
  • A button on the course page to add a course to your wishlist.
  • The same button on the course page :star:Wishlisted to click to remove the course from your wishlist.

Keep up the good work! :rocket:


Same boat, I much prefer to do my research on my computer. I really wish I could eliminate the ones I have already played.

I usually pull up my phone with UDisc and my PC with DGCR. I use DGCR to track what courses I have played because honestly, this is a short coming of UDisc.

but I will admit, I do use UDisc the whole time I am out in the field unless a course is not listed on UDisc.

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That actually reminds me of something as well. Normally I add the courses in Google maps on the computer as well.
When I click the link to go to a course, it immediately switches on navigation, instead of showing it on the map. This might be my 6 year old phone.

Thank you for implementing this!
How can I wishlist a course on the web? Planning a road trip, or fantasizing about the next course you’ll play while at work? You can now wishlist a course from the web! To wishlist a course, tap the Add to wishlist button in the top right of the course detail page. Tap the dropdown to also Mark as played.”