"Review Not Helpful" button

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I have really enjoyed all of the enhancements UDisc has brought to their reviews. One piece that I believe should be added is a “Review Not Helpful” (thumbs down) option. Since there is an option to mark a review as “Helpful”, I believe there should be a way to mark it as not helpful. There are some pretty poor and inaccurate reviews out there. The amount of not helpful votes does not even need to be public. UDisc could continue to only publicly show the net thumbs up a review has received by subtracting the not helpfuls from the helpfuls.


While no one wants bad reviews , they do help us determine what needs to be improved on our courses. So I don’t think they need to be hidden per se but the idea of showing the commenter what we think of the review I agree with.

I think there’s a difference between a negative review (1 star) and a bad review/not helpful review (not authentic, e.g. a negative review left because the weather was bad). The way I read this is that the thumbs down is a flag for a “not helpful” review and not a negative review.

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I agree, but I can also imagine course owners and local players down-voting negative yet helpful reviews of their local track.

I suppose this is what the " :triangular_flag_on_post: Report this review" button is for. The button shows up on both the web and app versions. And I see there is no feature for Course Ambassadors to manage reviews other than this same “Report this review” button.

On the app the popup window includes the text, “We take inappropriate reviews seriously and will take down this content if reported. Any user found to be falsely reporting reviews will have their reporting privileges revoked.”

Check all that apply:

  • Profanity
  • Harassment / abusive speech
  • Personal information included
  • Not a course review
  • Other

So this is pretty clearly the way people can report inaccurate “crazy” reviews vs just negative reviews.

Exactly this, Chris. I believe negative reviews are necessary and insightful when they provide detail. Not helpful can apply to positive reviews as well. Adding a “Not Helpful” option has nothing to do with positive or negative feedback and has everything to do with the quality of the review. If a “helpful” button is going to be added to provide feedback to a review, why isn’t the opposite true?

I view a “Not Helpful” option and “Report this Review” option to be different. Reporting a review due to the options listed is asking for a review to be removed due to a review not meeting standards set by UDisc. As long as a course reviewer submits a review that doesn’t harass/abuse somebody, doesn’t swear, doesn’t provide personal information, it is very likely to be kept. I don’t imagine using the “Other” option on an inaccurate review gets it removed, nor should it necessarily.

However, a “not helpful” option for users to provide feedback to a negative reviewer would be extremely helpful. It would provide a way for users to say this review may meet UDisc’s standards but is not helpful to those looking to get an honest course review.

I mentioned in a different reply that “Not Helpful” is indifferent to positive versus negative review and has everything to do with quality of a review. For example, someone who gives five stars with the review of “the course was well designed” isn’t very helpful and could get voted as not helpful. Some goes for half a star with a review of “this course sucks. it is the same shot every time”. I don’t believe these example reviews would meet the “Report this Review” criteria for removal (and I don’t believe they necessarily need removed), but these types of reviews are common at my courses.

If others can upvote because they agree with it, being able to balance that out by downvoting from those who disagree seems fair. If a concern may be that UDisc doesn’t want to have someone’s review show as a negative number, just hold that negative on the backend and display a 0 on the frontend. For example, on the backend a review may be a net -8, but all that needs to be shown on the frontend is 0.