Round ratings are officially here!

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Round ratings are now available on UDisc Pro!

Track your progress across different courses and layouts with round ratings! Powered by AI and trained on millions of rounds scored with the app, it’s another way for you to put your game in perspective – because scores only tell part of the story. See more about the 1-300+ scale, points per stroke, and more of your burning questions at our blog! We’ve got an FAQ, too!

Blog: Disc Golf Round Ratings On UDisc: Track Your Progress | UDisc
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Excited about adding more data to UDisc for users to leverage. Out of curiosity, how would layout changes and infrequently played courses be reflected in round ratings? Does a particular course (or changed layouts) require a critical mass of players and therefore training data to provide ratings or are holes/courses bucketed based on their attributes to provide ratings without requiring training data for the specific hole/layout?

Round ratings are only calculated for rounds played on smart layouts that have been assigned a difficulty rating by the AI.

Round ratings are calculated on a path-by-path basis. In order to have high confidence in a particular path, we currently require it to have been played by at least 10 distinct players, and we require at least 3/4 of all played paths to have high confidence to generate a rating. Similarly we require at least 3/4 of all the paths on the layout to have high confidence in order to generate a difficulty classification.


I have so many questions about round ratings but I guess I’ll start with this: How do you expect folks to play OB? For instance, a local course Earlewood Park (Columbia, SC) has some flagged OB that changes tournament to tournament (and can sometimes be played without OB). If 3 players play different OB, the scores could be drastically different. Is this why tee signs are now allowed in layouts? If it is common for players to play with/without OB would it be wise to have 2 layouts, one with OB and one without? Thanks!

Not a uDisc employee so this is just my thoughts.

There’s no way for uDisc to know if any given player followed the rules for the course as laid out on tee signs/kiosks/etc. Their algorithm just has to assume that submitted scores followed the rules of the course correctly.

Hi @scottrhs, I’m also not an employee, but your questions are covered in the published FAQs and articles.

UDisc’s round ratings are deliberately designed to be different from PDGA ratings due to the unique challenges of rating casual rounds. They allow you to compare your -5 at your local track to your +3 on, for example, Maple Hill blues.

They aren’t really for comparing one player to another as there’s no way to account for changing weather, rule compliance etc.

Also, I’ve never heard of tee signs being banned from UDisc photos. I actually thought the opposite was encouraged by some Ambassadors??

Is this why tee signs are now allowed in layouts?

UDisc recently updated to allow you to assign a tee sign to a hole and while the player is playing the hole, they can easily reference the tee sign. It was not a major feature announcement so it is understandable if you did not get my reference.

I am going to restate my major question (hopefully for a UDisc representative): For a course where it is common to play with and without OB (long grass, across paths/creeks, etc.) would you advise for 2 layouts to be created: One stating OBs and the other stating something like “No OB in play, play everything as it lies without penalty”? I can image these 2 layouts could differ a number of strokes which could be reflected in the difficulty (short-technical vs short, for example).

Sorry @scottrhs I’m tired and I misread now as not.

With regards to your question, they cover it in this section of their article on ratings. Basically, you take the ratings with a pinch of salt if you want to compare to others.

I’m not an employee, but having read many responses during the beta testing, I would bet that they don’t want lots of new layouts made. A big part of the Smart Layouts feature is to avoid that situation in my opinion. However, if special rules are applied for a tournament then it would make sense for a temporary layout to be used.

But maybe @marky or @jenn or @steve can address your concerns better than me.

Could this be something that is added to the league leaderboard? League admins be able to see every players round rating?

I would just like to throw out a huge kudos for the whole round rating system. So far, it is working great and it seems to make perfect sense on the courses I’ve played. My biggest shout out is that you don’t have to play the whole smart layout. I played at a 27 hole course and only had time for the first 9 and the final hole to get back to my car and it generated a round rating that looked spot on for my round and PDGA ratings for that course. I love it! UDisc has so much data that they can rate individual holes! Incredible. Thank you.


I’m encountering small issues with round ratings within the app. Over the weekend I played a course twice. After the first round a round rating was generated after completing the score card. After completing the second round on the same course with the same layout it is failing to generate a round rating.

Hey Scott! Would you mind sharing a screenshot? We’re seeing ratings on the backend so we’d like to be able to dig in a little more. You could also try editing the scorecard and re-saving to see if that generates. Thanks!

@scotterday if you are still experiencing this issue could you please send us your local scorecard data. You can do this by opening the scorecard and then long pressing followed by double tapping the share button at the top right of the screen.

Hilariously enough complaining about this on the forum is all it took for it to work. The correction appeared yesterday, which was 2 days after the round was played. In hopes of trying to be helpful, I did update my linked Garmin app, and then shortly after that it worked. See link to the image depicting error Udisc round rating glitch

3 out of 4 rounds at one of my local courses don’t show the UDisc rating. I have updated the app and hard reset my iPhone and still no rating. Mainly interested because one of the rounds was a real stand out/best score for me.

Try editing the score and then saving the card again?

Gotcha. I will do that.