Round Ratings. Four rounds played at the same course, over the period of one week only one round has a round rating

I played a local course over the last week 4 times. All criteria met to get a Round Score. Only 1 round has a round score. I updated the app, signed out and in, and hard reset my phone. 3 rounds are still missing the Round Score.

Hi Porter,
Great question!
In order for a Layout to be eligible for a Round Rating it has to be a Smart Layout with a difficulty classification. The only Smart Layout for Leonard Park is the “Short Baskets” layout for which you received a rating. You can read more about Round Rating FAQs here: (What are UDisc round ratings and how do they work? : UDisc Support)
Please let us know at if we can assist further!

Perhaps I’m missing something, but all 4 of those rounds look like they are using the same “Short Baskets” layout.

That is correct. Am I wrong in assuming each round with a different score would yield a different rating? My best score is +4 and my worst, the most recent is a +16.

Nope, you’re correct. You should get a rating for each round.

Try editing the rounds w/o ratings and save the scorecard and see if that causes them to generate?

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The +4 is my best round there. Super tough wooded course. The round that got scored was my 2nd worst. Lol. Thanks for the reply.

All four rounds were on the short layout which is a smart lay. A member suggested I try editing the card and then finalizing to see if that would create a rating. I tried that, and the rating circle had some moving dots for 2 or 3 seconds but didn’t give me a rating.

Oh gosh! I looked at it too quickly, sorry about that. Let me look into this a bit more and I will get back to you. :slight_smile:

Hey Porter! Ok, I checked in with our web and data teams and it appears that at the time of play of those rounds that did not receive a Round Rating the layouts were not smart layouts and were not eligible. This is why they didn’t receive a rating. Moving forward this layout should receive a Round Rating, (barring any major updates to the elements that make up that layout of course). If you continue to have rounds that don’t produce a rating, please let us know at and we can look into it further! Have a good one :slight_smile: Becky Kate

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Further to Steve’s inquiry. Will other player’s rounds at Mundy Park be rated as well? The only time i get a rating is when i have Steve on my scorecard. Will past rounds be rated retroactively? Thanks

Hi George, great question. Yes, eligible players will receive round ratings as long as all criteria is met. ( You can read more about Round Rating FAQs here: (What are UDisc round ratings and how do they work? : UDisc Support) Past rounds are not rated retroactively. Other players on your scorecard should not impact whether or not you receive a round rating. If you have specific questions about a scorecard/round please feel free to email us at and we can look into it further for you :slight_smile:
Best, Team UDisc