Save Multiple Bags

Multiple Bags - I would love a feature where I can save different bags and sort within them. I would save different bags for different courses. Also I travel back and forth a lot so I have two different stashes of discs which I currently keep track of with the Color feature. But I cannot sort within the color.


Agreed. Additionally, I would enjoy being able to tag a specific bag to a specific round and check my averages accordingly. I have my “Full Bag” that I use on weekends and a slimmed down “stash bag” that I keep in the car at all times for lunch rounds during the work week.


Yes! I love the idea of tagging bags to rounds. I’ve laid discs on the floor and taken a picture to remember what I used in a certain round before . Lol


Yes! Main bag, travel bag, and glow bag for me.


Great idea! Plus track what disc you have thrown on each hole that is linked to a bag (list).


I keep track of all discs I have collected. Would be nice to put some discs you have sold in a bag, lost discs in another, backups, etc. For now, I have to name them and sort them.


Hi Jason! Thanks for throwing your hat into the “multiple bag request” ring! We love hearing from Members and do take into account all of the requests we receive, when planning for upcoming projects. Have a great week, Team UDisc

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