Second score card

When a league event is set to allow multiple scorecards how do I create my second scorecard? The Create Scorecard button doesn’t appear in the app

When I manage Players I can see my status is “can play again”. I tap that and status changes to “checked in” but still no “create scorecard” button. Asking for a fellow golfer.

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Hi there,

Thanks for asking! The process you explained of checking in again and then clicking to “Create Scorecard” is the intended process that should be working. Would you mind sharing the League you’re trying to check into and we can troubleshoot this for you? this is the link the gentleman gave me.

Hi Pat, Thanks for sharing this. I am in communication with them to get this sorted. Really appreciate your reaching out here as well!

For future reference, to allow multiple scorecards this needs to be set-up by the admin of the League on the League Tools page. Head to Settings then scroll down until you see the toggle to Allow Multiple Rounds. Once this is enabled, any event set-up will allow players to create multiple scorecards and will automatically post the ‘best’ round to the leaderboard.


Thank you so much for the help, I will pass this info along to the gentleman that had the issue.