Setting Starting Scores!

Get excited!! You now have the ability to set STARTING SCORES to level the field of competition with players of varying skill levels all disc golfing on the same layout. Bonus: This doesn’t just apply to Leagues and Events, you can use this for casual rounds too. We know you want to know more so check out this article for all the details, Can I set player handicaps for leagues and events? : UDisc Support

Tell us what you think! Will you be using this for your upcoming rounds?!

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I’ll have to try it out and see how it goes, but as a league runner, the three features I’ve been dreaming of is handicap, payouts, and random cards.

I’ve changed my system, but having some sort of icon for bag tag holders would be cool too. Exclusive to each league, as I tried adding a little icon beside people’s names, but it showed at other leagues too.

Random cards is the next most important feature to me. I’d love some behind the scenes settings, then once everyone is checked in, they click make a card and it picks random people that are also checked in to fill their card. Especially if they can choose 1 or 2 people first that they want to play with, then fill the rest randomly.

One of the behind the scenes settings could be hole selection. So they not only randomly fill their card, but it assigns a starting hole (ideally spaced out in the backend settings).

Anyway, cool addition for handicap!

Hey @jonbrommet we have some good news! Some of what you are looking for is being made available as we roll out our new leagues platform! All leagues should be upgraded within the next couple of weeks, but if you reach out to us at and let us know your league names, we can get you upgraded early.

The new league tools will allow for league admins to create and manage scorecards, now when adjusting a player’s name, it only changes for the league or event you update it on, and there is a field in your tools to enter a payout amount and bag tag number on each event, that will be included in your export.

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Awesome! I sent an e-mail. Thanks for your help and great work.