Smart-er Layouts

I need to be able to create layouts combining holes from two contiguous courses.

Unfortunately we can’t make smart layouts that span multiple courses. You can, however, add new tee and target positions in map manager then create the layout from that.

I’m aware that the current “Smart Layouts” aren’t ‘smart’ enough to make layouts that span multiple courses. It seems like a massive oversight, especially considering the name you chose. I’m also aware that while coding isn’t necessarily easy or straight forward, that it is something that can be changed and improved upon.

I would have to assume that this desire/need represents a very small portion of uDisc users and thus is not a priority to add.

I can’t think of a scenario where a single layout is needed that spans multiple courses. Why is this such a need for you? I just want to understand.

Hi all! While this isn’t a super common request as there isn’t often a large need for it. We do occasionally see courses that are separate but on the same property, where an option like this is useful. It’s true we don’t currently have an easy way for you to do this yourself, but @fosterneill if you’ll reach out to us at and let us know the names of the courses you are hoping to combine, we may be able to assist with that.

Ahhh. I didn’t even consider this.

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At least within a 150 mile radius of me, there are an increasing number of properties boasting 2 or more courses, many of which, like my home course, are so contiguous that there are many possible combination layouts that play as fluidly as their course standard 18’s. After years of course development and running leagues, for me at least, there’s no way I’m not playing a variety of layouts beyond the standard layouts. I run a weekly doubles league all year and we rarely repeat a layout for many weeks at a time.

The kicker on this subject, for me, is that users had entered some of the more popular layouts at my home course to uDisc in the years before so-called ‘smart layouts’ were introduced. Despite the name however, ‘smart layouts’ effectively made previously entered combination layouts basically impossible. It seems like a significant oversight to revamp the layout system in such a way as to prevent people from entering layouts people were already playing. This is the reason I started this thread.