Smarter Course Map Filters / Course Ratings

I would like to see additional filters added to the course map filter feature that would improve a user’s ability to find courses that fit their game.

Anyone who has ever traveled to a new part of the country with a lot of courses will be familiar with the experience of hunting for the best – but also “right” – course to play. Say you’re traveling to Austin, applying the 3+ filter is basically useless because almost every course remains, and applying the 4+ filter still leaves you with more than 2-dozen potential options.

The simplest add would be a 3.5+ and 4.5+ filter. Another simple add would be a sort feature, so that when you switch to “List” view you could sort by course rating. If the List view automatically switched to the area you had displayed on your map (today it just displays the courses around you based on your GPS), this would also be a simple and cool way for users to explore the top-rated courses in any given part of the country.

As a former heavy DGCR user, I came to trust and rely upon their course reviews, which are incredibly detailed and thoughtful. That community’s full of long-time players with a ton of experience, so their ratings are way “harder” than U-Disc’s, where you will often find novices rating their local 9-hole course 5 stars. That’s totally cool and doesn’t need to change, but what if additional filters were added to the map that would let you see only the ratings of:

  • Pro users
  • Users with at least 50 reviews or a certain number of years of experience
  • Crazy idea: users like you, e.g., users with scoring profiles similar to you

Hi @brohamand, thanks for your feedback here. Those are some really great ideas for filtering the course directory. I would love to see some similar things as well. I will be sure to pass this along to the development team, if you have any further suggestions, please let us know!

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I’d like to see a “Playable Courses Only” filter.
This would hide courses where you need ID to play (military or student), object courses, tournament only courses, etc.
No one would put a basket ball court on a map then add “You have to bring your own baskets.”
I just want to see where I can turn up and play without looking at the details of each course.


Hi Nathan, thanks for contributing here. This is essentially how the default filters should be working, but if a course you see has slipped through somehow and shouldn’t be shown on the public facing map or list, please reach out to and let us know!

All of the UK military courses and the student only courses are still show with those filters enabled.
I think don’t think object courses should be shown by default. A new player could travel to a course not knowing what an object course is.

I noticed that when looking at an individual course’s ratings and reviews, you can sort by user experience level. This is awesome and is exactly what I had in mind at the map level. Maybe you could create a few “tiers” of filters to apply: all players, experienced (eg 25+ ratings), and very experienced (50+ ratings). Thanks for hearing me out!

Hi @brohamand thanks for your feedback! We are hoping to make some improvements to the directory filters in the near-future. I will be sure to pass along your feedback!

Hey UDisc team, just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for implementing some of these ideas into the “Courses” section of the app. You guys did a phenomenal job, and it is so much more functional than before.

I especially love the ability to browse the map now, as I can go to any random state, filter on high rated courses, and get my wanderlust/trip planning on.

I also LOVE how you can remove the distance filter and see in the list the top rated courses in the entire world from top to bottom.

Great job and thank you again!