Smartwatch features

I’m considering a new smart watch. I’ve had them in the past but got away for a few years. One of the things that has me intrigued is being able to keep dg score w/o getting my phone out would be nice.

I saw another thread around apple watch and full stats where the rewrite was mentioned. Will WearOS get some similar love in the near future? I nearly always do full stats for myself and that’d be a definite loss if I switch over to watch based scoring.


It would be amazing to have full stats doable on smart watches (in my case the Samsung Galaxy Watch4) which do normal scoring even when the round is set to stats for me only or full stats.

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The Garmin Venu works well with the UDisc app. I’ve used one for the past 6 months and would certainly buy another one.

Just my $.02

Bump – any uDisc staffers able to answer if WearOS has full stats scoring on the roadmap?

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Hi @spiff79! Thanks for the bump! We would love this too! However, it isn’t currently on our near-term roadmap.

@marky any way we can get a list of what IS on the near term roadmap? I mean if it’s things that the masses are interested in then it may be easier to sell the price increase for Pro level.