Sorting disc list while measuring throws

Hello, Is there a way to re-sort the discs that come up while measuring throws? “What disc did you throw?” Sometimes, its tough to locate the disc you are looking for, especially in sunlight. Discs that are added during this application, go to the bottom of the list. The list has never been listed alphabetically. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Yeah it would be nice to specify how they are sorted.
• Name
• Most recent thrown
• Speed
• Recommended? (see what discs are generally thrown the distance that’s being measured)

I’d also really enjoy it if it connected to some kind of dbase where it would pull the default flight numbers for me when I add a new disc - instead of me having to look them up all the time.

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Hi there! Thank you both for this feedback. While updating the way discs are sorted isn’t something on our near term roadmap, we do like to hear about what sorts of updates you believe would be most valuable. We will take your comments into account when thinking about what improvements will be made next. Best, Team UDisc