Storing Multiple Bags

I’m sure it’s been mentioned or posted about before but can we get a feature added for Multiple Bags being stored? I personally have three bags I use, Main, Glow and Practice and all of these hold different amounts and, obviously, discs. It would also be nice to have a bag where I can track what my wife has as she likes to play but doesn’t track anything on the app. She’s not that into it, hahaha.

Again, I’m positive I’m not the only one who has mentioned this but maybe if enough people do, it’ll become a thing? Would love to see some Community suggested features added!

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Agreed. Would love this feature.

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Hi Cody! Thank you for the feedback. Definitely something that has been requested before but we love to hear from everyone about how we can continue to improve and create in ways that will be beneficial for our Members.
Loving that your wife plays, too! I get not wanting to keep track my score all the time - often I just like to PLAY! I really enjoy using the app to track my activity on the course - it let’s me know where the next hole is if I need directions - but I don’t have to input any scores or mess with anything more than that. Have either of you tried an Activity Round?!
Best, Becky Kate