Syncing PDGA Live scored rounds with UDisc rounds played

Good morning! I could be crazy and I just haven’t seen the option, but I think it would be awesome if there was some way to sync UDisc round tracking with PDGA Live Scoring. What I mean by that is that it would be great if rounds you had completed and submitted in PDGA tournaments using PDGA live would show up in your udisc round history so you could keep track of shot percentages and rounds played. I’m not sure how feasible that would be.

What do you all think?


We always ask players to have 1 person in the group during PDGA events to track on udisc so we get the stats.

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Agreed, if there was a way to sync UDisc with PDGA live scoring, it would help solve the current issue of needing to log the round in both PDGA for event purposes as well as UDisc to get the stats.

In the majority of my tournament rounds, I volunteer to keep a UDisc backup since I like having the round stats and occasionally the detailed stats, but there’s always someone who insists we should be using (and only using) 2 scorekeepers via PDGA live since it cross checks scores each hole. There’s also inevitably someone who didn’t sync their PDGA to their UDisc account and can’t remember their UDisc username (or be bothered to use the find nearby player feature) and they ask to just not be included on the UDisc card complicating things.

While 1 PDGA live and 1 UDisc meet the requirements for most tournaments as a main and backup score method, getting the card to agree to it is a pain. (Ironically, the same people who are unwilling to keep score at all are usually the ones strongly advocating for 2 PDGA scorers)

If UDisc were able to detect when you’re on a PDGA live card via your PDGA number those rounds could be synced to UDisc and based on user preference either exclude them from stats, or include them from stats by default. “We noticed you had a PDGA round at X course on X date, do you want to include it in your UDisc stats?” as an example prompt. If users could live add the detail stats (fairway / ob / putts / etc) to the total shot count from PDGA that would be ideal for stat nerds like me.

It could default to “PDGA Event Layout” pulling in pars/distance from the PDGA data, but allow the user to select one of the existing UDisc layouts if one exists for that course that matches the event. This would provide a way to capture the data, and then allow the user to homogenize it with their other rounds if they choose.

This would also open the door to pulling in round ratings from PDGA events which would allow UDisc to start collecting data to have “Estimated round ratings” based on historic actual PDGA ratings from other players. Think along the lines of a zillow “Zestimate” for a house, but for your PDGA rating for any given casual round.

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I would agree with the request to have UDisc sync from PDGA Live events. I know that you could have someone use UDisc while others are using PDGA Score app, but if that doesn’t happen, then you need to go back and manually enter a round, looking also at the PDGA Live scoring for your round details. Making it easier would be fantastic!

OMG that is just making my head spin toooooooooooooooooo much input ( squeeze) for not enough juice but You do You

One of the rule changes proposed for 2024 is that every member on the card is
required to keep the score during a PDGA event. I’m sure you all know that
currently it is only 2 people. Perhaps this is an avenue to allow one of the 3/4/5
people on the card to use UDisc. Even with a card of 3 people, you would still
get the score conflict messages from the PDGA app b/c 2 of 3 people would
be using that, but then the third could use UDisc (although not sure how you
catch conflicts here without a final check at the end). Actually given the
score conflict SW on PDGA, it would strongly suggest that the UDisc scorer
was in error if there were a discrepancy… Anyway…