Teams Tournament Events Work-Arounds, an Idea

Until Doubles Tournaments are a part of Events, what could be the drawbacks of creating free UDisc accounts as Team Names (with similar usernames) and using these accounts to populate tournament cards, and then be able to use all the features of Events?

As an account has an email addy associated with it means that one team member would keep the other informed. Also means that only one team-member could keep score.

Seems that this would be a temporary feature that should likely sunset when full teams support in events becomes available. Might require subsequent cancelling of these accounts in a timely manner, but perhaps the TD could be responsible for follow-up with UDisc.

What say ye?

Hi Steve,

Appreciate the idea, but this won’t be something we could get behind. I think this would make quite the mess of accounts but also would be challenging for the event and also the players.

While Teams support in Events is definitely delayed more than we initially thought, we’d still recommend setting League Events for team formats right now.

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Good morning, Scott.

I appreciate that it would create the difficulties you described, and expected the resulting reply.

I’ve been tasked to help set up two upcoming (mid, and late November) teams tournaments using UDisc. We’ll carry on and keep calm.