The price hike is BS and a complete money grab

The price hike is BS and a complete money grab. Cannot wait until someone develops a alternative app. I will switch immediately. Yall suck

This isn’t an airport, you needn’t announce your departure.

There are many knowledgeable folks that would be open to having an actual constructive conversation with you, if you’re interested. Your angry rant, as stated, is not really anything that can be replied to in any constructive manner.


Though I disagree with the way you phrased it, I agree the price hike was “too much, too fast”. I feel like they’re will only be a handful of us left to finance the app. I’m assuming the reason is to sell off the app and retire early.

Maybe the price jump was to much to quick, but I still believe for what you get it is just fine. I usually just look at what else I could get for the same amount, and what benefit I get for it. In this case, I can go out for a couple of beers and a burger with some buddies and spend the same or more for one night’s entertainment. Or buy an app that I can use for a year. So, no problem with the price.


While the price increase was sudden. I have no problem paying this amount for this app. It remains one of the best mobile apps on my device and incredibly useful. I use it all the time. I’m happy to reward the developers for their hard work.

Also oftentimes these price increase calculations are arrived at for a myriad of reasons. It’s rarely a money grab but rather often done in order to raise capital for further development and plans. Again, happy to support that.

I am sure udisc knew they would lose a certain percentage of subscribers because of the price increase, but the net increase in income would offset that. It’s a tough decision to make, but sometimes those decisions have to be made in order for the product to continue to grow.

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