Things to consider adding

The increased cost if golden and understandable. Some things that should get considered for the longevity of the service and happiness of the users.

  1. Offline mode-
  2. The full app features via a web browser. ( would help with folks on older OS’s that apple will not support)
  3. Score /round intergration from PDGA live.


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I’d like to hop on to this topic in ‘things to consider adding’.

An option to put the OB lines in and some rules that specific courses have on holes. I’ve been playing on multiple courses lately and through locals I discovered some rules (ob island) that I otherwise didn’t know.


Hi all, thanks for your feedback here! We love to hear what our users are looking for and I will be sure to pass all of this along to the developers. @hammerherman Recently the option to add Hole Notes to a Map Manager or Smart Layout was added. This allows Course Ambassadors to add these kinds of details in writing. Hopefully down the line there will be a simple way to indicate this kind of thing on the map as well, but in the meantime Hole Notes are a helpful option.


I would love the ability save a custom layout for a course on my phone. I have a local 13 hole course that we add few safari holes to to make it 18 when the course isn’t busy. It would be nice to have a custom layout I could select instead of just the custom score card. I don’t want to sign up to be a course ambassador. I am only looking to save layouts to my phone or account that I can set up and play with my friends. This would allow to track stats on that layout as well which I can’t do using the custom scorecard.

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The ability to show drop zones and mando’s on hole maps.


I second that! OB lines on map would be great, as would mandos and dropzones. Notes for each hole are ok as rapid fix, but “on the map” much much better.


Matchplay scoring would be nice and seems like it would be easy to do. I know there are ways to hack it/make it work, and it’s not a format I play often, but still could be fun.

@bbuck13 :eyes: Adding Skins Match as a scorecard option

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I was also going to suggest adding match play! Again, not something I would use all of the time, but I tend to play with a wide skill level and match play can often make it more fun for those who are newer to the game - yet still want to feel competitive.