To much info on screen

I can appreciate all the data and stats Udisc offers, but the app is getting too cluttered. To start a round now, one layout is taking up a full screen on my phone. We have 9 smart layouts and it’s a lot of scrolling just to start playing disc golf on my home course.

Please put some option setting for how much detail we want to see. I feel the same way about score cards. I dont need a full line used to show the global avg and my avg all the time. I’d rather have more screen space for the map.

I do have my phone settings zoomed in a little because I can’t see anything without reading glasses.

Thank you


Honestly if u don’t zoom in it’s perfectly fine.
I do understand where you’re coming from tho.

If it’s only fine when you don’t zoom in, it’s only fine for folks without any sort of vision impairment. That makes it not fine.


I’m looking at your screenshot on my laptop with my glasses on and I can barely make out any of the small wording (not that I need to, but my point is the older players can’t make out the tiny print anymore).

We also have a very low participation rate here with people using the app (I’m always they #1 user shown in the monthly stats & I don’t play as many rounds as other people I know). Now I’m wondering if that can be part of the cause. They know the app is free, but still refuse to use it. They say it’s easier to keep score in their head. It may be partly because they can’t see it (not everyone even knows how to zoom their screen).

I’d like to see Udisc offer a simple view option that will make viewing and formatting more user friendly for use on the course, but still have all the stats available to see. Like, I don’t need to know my hole average, global average, my best showing all the time on a course I play all the time.

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I just noticed your 1st layout is the only one showing all 3 stats at the moment (Ave, Overall, Current positions). Your screen is going to get more cluttered when the other layouts update and show the extra 2 stats.

Of course which is why I said I understand.
Going to reply more down below

I would be frustrated too if the screen would always be as cluttered as yours.

But phone apps are usually not programmed to be zoomed in.

They are tested on different devices with differing resolutions. To go in and try to now also add a zoom function for every devices is a tall ask.

Adding an option for less detail might be a way to solve that. But then again it might not be enough for some people’s need and to much for others.

And to me my screen isn’t that cluttered at all even if I did play the other layouts, the list would only grow downward not more to the right.

All this is to say yes it’s a problem for you and few other (one of our club mates also has his phone zoomed in).
And I hope they find a good solution for you. I just wanted to prepare you for a wait time to fix this as to my knowledge it would take a good bit of time depending on how they wrote their code :sweat_smile:.

And we need to keep this topic active haha

Appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

Definitely not intentional to leave it like this but as other have mentioned, it can be challenging to design and implement screens that work across not only the many mobile screen sizes, but also font sizes. This is definitely an area we can improve.

I’ve brought this up with our design team and they are going to look into some tools to help us consider larger font sizes in our designs/testing.


Please understand I bring up these issues not for myself, although it will make my life easier too, but for the good of the app. The majority of our players look to be 40 and up. Picture trying to get someone to keep score for a round and then every hole reading glasses have to go on and off. It’s not fun.

It got me thinking about some software that has gotten so complex, they now have an “easy mode”. Perhaps that could be done with this app. Have an easy mode that is specific to just keeping basic score. No stats, maps, score by shot, etc. Just pick a course, layout, players and get going. Some things would still be helpful like changing the starting hole, but really strip it down to just scorekeeping.

Also stop requiring GPS to be on to find a course. There has got to be a way we can enter a default zip code for when the GPS is not on. Most people are only playing within their home area and not everyone keeps their GPS turned on all the time. It pulls up Minnesota/Wisconsin without GPS on. Let it be our home area instead. I know you can pick from recent rounds, but again, for simplicity, the location should default to our home area.