Tournament Multi-Round Events

I spoke with Tyler a while back. I was wondering when the new multi-round tournaments will be available. I have a non-sanctioned event this weekend for doubles and it would be awesome to have a scoreboard.

Hi Marshall, thanks for contributing to the new community! We are pretty close to a public launch for the scoring on the new Events platform. Unfortunately it isn’t yet available for doubles tournaments. Sorry for the inconvenience. As before, you are welcome to use the Leagues platform and create a separate event for each round. We hope to have offer support for doubles tournaments soon. Thanks for your patience as we continue to make improvements!

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Thanks I appreciate it.

Hi folks - can we do multiple rounds in the same day with a cumulative leaderboard? We do an annual event that has a day and then glow round. Last year we had to set up two events, and manually tabulate the scores. Thank you!

Edit: I think I answered my own question, and the answer is yes!?!

Hi Jesse! I am sorry for the delay, but yes you are absolutely correct! You can set up an event at Find Disc Golf Tournaments & Events Near You | UDisc Events | UDisc and please let us know if you need any help in getting things going!