UDisc app profile stats available

This app is amazing but let’s be honest it’s 2023 and we can’t even tap on someone’s profile and check there stats !!! I shouldn’t have to ask my buddy if I can look at his profile to compare stats . Please make this a update

Not everyone wants uDisc to turn into disc golf Facebook. I say this not to argue with you, but to just post a differing viewpoint so that uDisc doesn’t think we all want this.

Never said Facebook and your posting comments on here like Facebook??? Simply asking for a way to click to look at stats not talk to anyone or post a picture with them lol just simple touch there profile picture and see there stats birdies pars etc not look at there life story

You seem quite agitated. I’m expressing a different opinion.

Edit: I don’t literally believe that adding more social features to uDisc makes it literally Facebook. I understand that you’re not asking for uDisc to be a Facebook clone. I personally do not believe that uDisc benefits the end user with a large expansion of social features. Saying that I don’t want uDisc to be Facebook is short hand for “I do not believe that uDisc needs an influx of additional social features. I need it to keep score and show me where courses are.”

Also this forum is not the uDisc app and what I post comments on here has exactly zero to do with what I desire from the uDisc mobile app. You seem to be confusing the uDisc app and this separate web forum.

Hey Chris & Chris. Gonna stick my foot in here where I probably shouldn’t. But lets see if I can help moderate the discussion here.

To Chris French: I believe that the point that Chris Fulk is making, is that all that he is suggesting is the ability to be able to click on someone’s profile that you played a round with, to see their basic stats. Like number of courses played, what courses they’ve played. Maybe scores at a specific course, etc. I don’t believe that he (nor I) would consider that to be a ‘social media’ feature. It’s just exposing stats (which an easy ‘opt out’ could be added if someone didn’t want that for reasons to accounts). It isn’t that different from going to PDGA and looking at someone’s rounds they’ve played, their rating, etc.

Typically something is only considered ‘social media’ when you are creating and sharing ideas, message, content (like videos), etc. So the implication of “turning this into disc golf Facebook”, is taking the simple ‘expose player stats’ and expanding it greatly (to a jumping the shark level) of it becoming a full social media platform. Which wasn’t suggested.


To be honest If I know them then I should know how or what their game is. The opt in should be to share not block. I wanna score and keep track of what I want to keep track of. Not people prying into my social habit of playing disc golf.

Also if you were gonna help moderate the discussion, might be a good idea to try moderating both sides not just one.