UDisc course ratings are inaccurate

UDisc likes to gloat about their highest rated courses but how each course gets the rating encourages inaccurate results yet UDisc likes to act like they are the experts on this.

Can you please elaborate on how they are inaccurate? I’m not following, is this just a rant?

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The way that UDisc does their rating system encourages players to quickly rate courses which can lead to inaccuracies. When the option to rate a course after playing it is active, players have a much higher chance of rating a course based on emotion. Which can lead to people having a terrible round and then rating the course terribly because of it.

Well UDisc does have a reputation for inflated reviews, but it has recently launched a new review system that tries to draw a more reflective and detailed score out of the player without the barrier of requiring a high word count.

Regarding the issue of when a player writes the review, well that’s a bit more complicated. Quantity vs quality is probably the crux.

Most review sites prompt for a review shortly after you’re engaged with an activity. That promotes higher response rates because it is likely still at the forefront of the person’s mind. Like UDisc they also offer the ability to review at a later date. Though maybe UDisc could have a button that creates a reminder to notify the player about completing a review at a later point if they prefer.

You get fewer reviews if you prompt them a couple of days later though, as it is less important to the player and they are more likely engaged in something else. However that would reduce the emotional responses, which some people may consider an improvement.

Yet, see DGCR, it was long regarded as the best course review site, but engagement is plummeting because those types of forums are going out of fashion. And frankly most of us are too busy/distracted to provide such a long and detailed write up.