UDisc Event Feedback

All worked well except for the following;

  • Round #2
    originally when the tournament was set up, we put the 2nd round time at 1pm. When the last cards were done in round #1 we needed to adjust the start time to 120pm. We could not get the time to change on Round #2 and had to change the time on each individual card for round #2

  • Card order
    when round #2 started, the cards were generated correctly by low score to high on the computer at tournament central. However when we went to begin play, on players phones in round 2 the cards were in the wrong order and you cannot sort them on each individual phone

  • round #1
    we changed the order of how cards were assigned by division. it was set up MPO->FPO->MA1->MA2 etc. we changed to MPO->MP40->FPO->MA1->MA2 and it saved fine. When we tried this for round 2 it would not save.

  • cannot export the final scores into a spreadsheet like you can from the udisc league format

  • It would be nice to integrate the PDGA payout, calculator into this program.

(cross posting my reply in FB for visibility)

Thanks for the detailed feedback, we’ll look into the issues.

  • Round #2 - I think we already have a fix for this in the works that will move all cards when the round time is updated.
  • Changing order: Was this after cards were generated? Did it “save” but not work? or literally you couldn’t save the rules with the new order?
  • Export - ya, we haven’t built this yet.

I’ll add notes for the other feature requests.

From your other reply on FB:

Scott - sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the info. The changing order, for the 2nd round I did it before cards were generated. We could move the order around and it allowed us to save, but just didn’t actually save, if that makes sense. As far as the export goes, i was actually able to copy and paste decent, better than the PDGA site for example, and get what I needed. but an export would be nice but the other stuff would be more important to myself anyway. thank you very much

Following up on these issues:

  1. I believe we’ve now fixed this to be able to edit the round time. You will now have the options to shift all the of the card start times when editing the round time as well.

  2. There was indeed an issue with the card order when publishing the round in some cases. This has been fixed so it always respects the order seen when building the cards.

  3. The issue with division order was mostly an issue with how the division selector pop up worded the button. After selecting a new division order, it’s still necessary to “Save” the Rules as a whole. We’ve updated the button text to perhaps help make this a little more clear.

We’ll follow up on exports at a later time but will make sure we prioritize it on our roadmap. Same for PDGA-like payout calculator, though I expect this will come later after a number of other PDGA-related enhancements.

I used a prepaid debit card for my earlier payment. The debit card has been emptied, and Google Play won’t allow me to use another debit card. Can I get on a different site to use a debit card, or send payment to a physical address? Your website only directs me to Google Play.

Hi Robert! Yes, you can subscribe to Pro via Subscribe to UDisc Pro | UDisc. This will allow you to input a debit card if you would like. If you have any trouble, please feel free to email us at help@udisc.com. Best, Team UDisc