UDisc Pro feature request, “affiliate club program”

PDGA has an affiliate club program where a club can pay an annual fee ($25) to be labeled an “affiliate club”. As a benefit, the PDGA provides a discount code that can be provided to club members for $5 off their annual membership.

I think a similar program could benefit UDisc. Many club members are not UDisc Pro subscribers even though they use UDisc on a weekly basis to participate in club run events/leagues. Having an affiliate program like the PDGA’s would not only benefit to those of us already subscribed UDisc Pro, but would also serve as an incentive to club members that don’t subscribe to do so.


Hi Chad, thanks for your feedback here. We don’t currently have something like this on the near term roadmap. However, we are investigating what we can do in the future to better support clubs! Thanks for your patience as we constantly work to make improvements!

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