UDisc pro Monthly report

I read about a monthly report being one of the benefits of a pro account. Does this report actually exist, and if so, how is it accessed?

I receive an email every month, subject line “Your Monthly Replay From UDisc Is Here!”


Make sure you have them enabled, you may have previously opted out of email from us.

You can check and enable them here: Login | UDisc

Yes. I just found that. I disabled “Marketing emails” not realizing that doing so makes the “Monthly replay” option disappear from the screen.

I’d like to propose that users be allowed to receive their monthly report while still opting out of true marketing email.



If you haven’t been getting the emails is it possible to see the monthly report anywhere?

Hi Ryan, it only comes in an email. But if you reach out to help@udisc.com we can make sure you are set to start receiving them and that you get the replay for this month!