UDisc Tied Players Listing how does it sort?

First I apologize if this has been discussed already. Our league often has ties that need to be broken. I noticed UDisc will put users in a specific order is it alphabetical? It appears to be. My question might be more a league preference question but how do most people break ties if using a shotgun format ? Im curious to hear if you base all on 18th basket and work backwards to who has a better score or work backwards from that persons final basket?

Hey @onecogmind,

Great questions - I’ve moved this thread to the Leagues category so other League Directors can chime in about how they break ties. In terms of play order for ties, you are correct that players are displayed in alphabetical order by first name.

Leagues does not currently support breaking ties, but will be soon! This functionality is currently only available for UDisc Events.

Ties in my league (if no playoff is needed) are typically broken by most birdied holes, then most pars, then least bogies. If a playoff is needed, we typically use the hole closest to check in/tournament central so others can see the playoff and join in on the fun!

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We don’t break ties as a rule. Our scoring system doesn’t need to break them to work. We do break ties for first place since first gets the honor of chosing which course and layout we’re playing the next week. For first place only, we go back to Hole 1 and do a sudden-death playoff. Continue with Hole 2+ until we break the tie. The rest of the league watches and cheers, trying to rachet up the pressure. Great fun.