UDisc without Google Framework (GAPPS)

Hi there,

I really like UDisc and find it a very useful tool for the discgolf community.
Also I would pay for UDisc Pro, but there is a showstopper: the App requires installed GAPPS, I think at least for the map features depending heavily on Google Maps (the in GAPPS included App).
I can install and run the app, but as soon as I tap “Courses” or “Profile” the app crashes.

Would it be possible for you to make the app less hard depended on GAPPS for users who do not want to use a smartphone with installed Google Framework?

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Is that true? you dont have google maps on your phone so the courses map and profile on the udisc app does not load?

I have a Oneplus 6 running the latest available Version of LineageOS, which is Version 20 (corresponds to Android 13). I do not have GAPPS installed, so there are no Google Services on the phone.

I have not performed any debugging, so it is only my guess that the app crashes are because of missing GAPPS.

Hi Paul, Thank you for your question and contributing to the community. We don’t support LineageOS at this time so it is likely that any screen that utilizes a map will cause the app to crash. If we can help in any other way, please feel free to reach out to us at help@udisc.com Thank - Team UDisc

Hi Becky,
thank you for your reply.

My issue is not caused by LineageOS but from the lack of GAPPS (so I guess).
I am pretty sure that every phone running vanilla Android without GAPPS will have the same issue.

So if you could substitute Google Maps with OpenStreetMaps, for example, and could look into the dependencies regarding the profile tab I think the app would work on my phone, then I would also buy a subscription.

With best regards,

Hey Paul,

Thanks for your feedback, but we don’t currently have any plans to support a version of UDisc that works without Google Maps, etc.