Unverifiable Course Records

Good afternoon community. In my region, we are currently dealing with an individual who consistently posts course records that can not be verified. This individual does not play tournaments or leagues but posts videos to his social media feeds. I ran a tournament at local course this past weekend where the winning MPO player shot a first round 49 (1034 rated) in the rain. The offending person then proceeded to “appear” to shoot a 49 himself the very next day. This person has repeatedly been asked to stop recording non-legitimate round scores but denies any and all wrong doing. My question to you all is this: Is there a way to delete these scores, put this individual’s UDisc account on probation, or to otherwise shame him into ceasing this behavior? Any advice above and beyond ignoring him is desired. Thanks!

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Hi Craig,

Sorry you’re running into this. If you email us at help@udisc.com we can help make sure all scores displaying on the leaderboard are accurate!

I have and thank you Jenn.

I hold a course record, and previously one on another layout. Yet I don’t play sanctioned events. Just not my thing. I hope my rounds don’t get deleted. :laughing:

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Hey Matt, thanks for this comment. No need to worry. The only time scores are hidden from a leaderboard is when they are clearly and obviously falsified.

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