Wanting to switch the layout you're playing mid round

My home course has 36 holes with varying layouts that all stem from the front 16, but from there on there are multiple ways you could play. Often times, we find ourselves wanting to play a different layout than the one we originally started with, and have had to create entirely new scorecards which is a bit tedious and slow. Is there a way around this? If not would it be possible to add this feature. Thanks in advance!

Hi @adamgill21,

There is no way to switch which layout you’re playing mid-round, but if you are playing a Smart Layout you can tap the orange basket icon in the top right of your scorecard and change the tee you’re playing from and/or basket you’re playing to. This article details how - How do I use Smart Layouts to change the tee or target? : UDisc Support

Appreciate your feedback about changing layouts mid-round!