What's new on UDisc Events?

Event Updates

The Updates tab, listed under Communications in your Event Tools, is a space where event updates can be listed directly on the event and emailed to players. Learn all about how to use this new tool here!

Multi-pool Support

Are divisions playing separate layouts at your event? This is now possible through setting up Pools in your UDisc Event! Learn more in this dedicated article!

Breaking Ties

Did your event come down to a playoff? You know who won, but the UDisc Leaderboard doesn’t display the true winner? Fear no more! Now, ties can be broken on the Event Leaderboard so everyone knows who really won the tournament. Check out the video linked in this article.

If you have any questions about these new tools, please feel free to reach out to help@udisc.com!


Thanks. Are pools also coming to leagues?

Hey @mattplace - the current plan (and this is long-term-ish plan) is to unify the feature sets of Leagues and the new Events platform by ultimately moving League events onto the new platform once we can fully support the more flexible aspects of League check-ins, teams, and such there. This means that Leagues would ultimately get all the power of the new Events platform (e.g. pools, tee times) while still being a “league” to group together all of the events.

So, long way of saying “yes”, but not for a while most likely.