Which features are compatible with smart watches?


I am currently considering to upgrade my smart watch in order to keep easier scoring registration with full stats, with a smart watch instead of on my Phone. Today I only do stroke count on the udisc Mobile app as I find it to time consuming to do full stat registration during a round, However I would Very much like to have full stat registration if it can be done Quick and easy with a smart watch if this is possible.

However when I try to read up on the topic it seems that full stat features is still not enabled with the scoring function, so Even if the watch has gps activated during scoring registration, it wont register any stats on fairway hits, c1/c2 putting accuracy and so on on the udisc app on the Phone?


This is the comment in the thread on reddit:

Unfortunately, smart watches do not currently support full stat scoring mode, only simple scoring (counting strokes), so don’t buy a watch for this purpose. I wrote in to Udisc support to request it, and was told it is not currently on their radar. If you’re interested, I suggest doing the same, maybe with enough feedback it’ll eventually be implemented.

Is my understanding correct that No full stats are registered at all , or is it registered but only visible on the app on the Phone and not on the watch ?


Full stats are not capable of being registered when scoring via any watch, currently. You have to input on your phone for that.

Thanks for claryfing.

Dissapointing that those functions hasnt been added yet. I dont see any need for a new garmin smart watch until those functions are implented in the watch app.

Do you know if udisc has this in their backlog on things to implement?

I Have no inside knowledge about their current backlog or upcoming work items. This has come up a few times on the forums and they have stated it’s not on their short list at this time, but that was also months ago.

I just got the Garmin Fenix 6 and have been using UDisc on it:
-I can update score for me and other players in the round (although it could be streamlined a little more)
-It shows distance from the pin which is really handy
-As you said, it won’t record shot distances as you throw them (even though the watch knows your location/distances moment by moment and could handle it).

I fully agree - being able to mark where each throw landed would be WAY easier from a watch than logging it via phone after each throw. BUT all in all, I still like having a Garmin during my game.