Why did I receive an email from UDisc for a 100+ round when I've been scoring consistently in the mid-100s?

I received an email that said, " Congrats, eggman – you just scored your first 100+ rated round! :star_struck:"

It was my best rating to date–however, I have posted a dozen or so scores in the low/mid-100s (see screenshot) *


Hi! Thanks for letting us know about this. Did you at one point unsubscribe from our emails and then resubscribe? That is the most likely explanation for this happening. If you got your first over 100 score while unsubscribed, an email would not have been sent. Then once you subscribed again to receive emails, the next over 100 score would have triggered that email to send. Sorry for any confusion there! If you continue to see any other problems, please let us know!

Hi @marky - Thanks for your response. I did not unsubscribe . . . however, I became a full UDisc member a few weeks back and then there was a delay due to an error with my payment. I rec’d the email I believe after my payment went through, so perhaps that’s the reason.

No big deal of course–just confusing. I thought maybe there was an element of the scoring system that I didn’t understand, but doesn’t sound like that’s the case.

Thanks again!

Thanks for letting me know. That is a definite possibility! We appreciate you keeping us informed of strange things like this, and we’ll definitely keep an eye on it. :eye: