Why is the cost going up more than 100%?

Why is Udisc increasing the subscription cost with more than 100% ? Udisc is a platform where all data is put in by the users, the leaderboards are crap as mentioned many times before and there are no added functionalties to the app. Very sad to see Udisc only seems to be a money driven organisation in stead of lifting discgolf to a higher level. Sure money must be made and is needed to keep the app running but this increase seems like the beginning of the end. I’m a course ambassador myself and spent many many hours getting all the information for all my courses up to par but never expierienced any advantage for all my work. This increase will make me look out for alternatives like upsi, its a shame as I always thought of Udisc as the best discgolf scoring and course discovery app.


I agree. Volunteers do the majority of the work updating course info and get nothing. I’ve made suggestions to the app in the past and was told “no plans for development”. $30/yr with almost no overhead? We need an alternate app! How about one for We the players. Maybe WeDisc. Developers?

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“almost no overhead” [Citation Needed]

Software isn’t cheap. Good software even less so. Good software with excellent customer support even less so still.

Programmers (web, iOS, Android)
Product support
Photo/edit approval support
Hosting/storage space for all those course definitions, maps, layouts, photos, scorecards, and so on.

$30 a year is 12 cents a day.


I understand Storage, Bandwidth, Servers, and Developers, but the vast majority of the input is done by volunteers. One website, insidethecircledg.com speculates that the price increase is due to the fact that " disc golf has exploded in popularity in recent years". Whether or not that is the reason for new price, an increased customer base should lower subscription rates rather than raise them.

But Udisc is a private company and can charge whatever they want with no justification to anyone except their owners. They have a monopoly now, but at some price customers are going to seek other options and the market will respond.

It’s definitely rough. Doesn’t seem like a big deal except every other product is going up as well.

I will keep my sub, but my wife will likely let hers lapse.

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Thanks for the feedback. One of our core values at UDisc is Focus on Product and to us that means continuous improvement towards making UDisc the very best it can be.

We have been busy redesigning course pages, building a new self service event scoring platform, revamping the course review system, and have many more exciting projects in the works that are releasing soon!

This price change will help us to maintain the quality of our offerings, and will also allow our team to grow so we can deliver even more value and support to disc golfers worldwide.

Another of our core values is Include Everyone and with that in mind we have made sure that even those who do not wish to purchase a Pro subscription still have access to UDisc and many of it’s features.

Without a UDisc Pro subscription, you can always use the Course Directory to locate courses, utilize all the available practice features, and can now score unlimited rounds. Thank you for using and finding value in UDisc and recognizing the benefits that it adds to your game, local leagues and events, and to the larger disc golf community.


I’m still trying to figure out how a $5.00 a year increase to $30 is a 100% increase must be that new math everyone is talking about :laughing:

100% agree with no justification for the price increase. They added nothing and charged us more.

I would be willing to pay more if the features increased with the price increase. However, all that has happened so far is a lot of discussion about changes. The functionality of the app has not changed much over time. My wife and I have been using the app since it was a free part of a PDGA membership. But, the price increases everywhere mean less disposable income. So, we will keep one and let the other one lapse. It may seem small, but we golf about 6 months or so a year. Now, that $30 is not for less than $3 for 12 months, but $5 for 6 months. It means $10 a month for two people. My teen son has shown interest in using the app. Now, we are at $15 a month. Even some type of family plan would help. But, again, suggestions are made and seem to not produce much in the way of changes.


I really like @nickdarr 's suggestion of family or household subscription levels.

Additionally, why not make a free subscription level for ambassadors and volunteers? They’re the ones out there putting in the sweat equity to grow the sport everywhere it touches, and as such are highly important Stakeholders.

But also, not putting too much thought into it, I can think of at least a few new features this year-

  • smart layouts
  • live traffic
  • new data driven course difficulty ratings
  • User course reviews by category
  • comparing wins v losses of friends in the leader boards section
  • displaying events on a course page
  • filtering events by event type
  • rebuild of the My Rounds section

I get that the price increase was big, and $30 is a hefty sub price, especially for folks that have easily justified the $5, and the folks that don’t use udisc to score a ton of rounds.

Also, I can’t imagine the courage it takes for a development team to open a forum like this. For the folks quick to criticize, you’re squandering an opportunity to be at the table to discuss these topics. Please at least try to be constructive.

-signed, unaffiliated


For the price of one premium disk a year I look at Udisc as having great value. Munzee and Geocaching charge $30 a year for their apps. They are popular geolocation games. Honesty folks we loose more than $30 a year in our washing machines - no?

This app is being fully developed. Look at the new event scoring. Love Grip 6. Love DGPT live scoring.

This app is well worth $30 a year!


By the way, a Star Destroyer costs $18.99

And are you putting them in the washing machine to beat them in quicker? Maybe try a Wraith instead. :wink:

I applaud the increase. As more people use the system it puts more pressure on the system, storage and possible problem occurrences, hence the need for more staff for customer support. If they left it the same and you had an issue, it could take much longer for them to reply or resolve the issue but with more funds, more support is allowed. Just my 2cents! Bring it on UDisc!

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